Coca-cola, porqué no la tomo?

International Campaign to Hold Coca-Cola AccountableOctober 29, 2007. Community Protests Coca-Cola Plant in India October 25, 2007
Over 600 people marched and rallied against the Coca-Cola bottling plant in the village of Sinhachawar in Ballia district in India yesterday, demanding that the plant be shut down permanently. The community has accused the bottling plant of pollution and also illegally occupying land held by the village council. “We are demanding that the Coca-Cola bottling plant cease its operations permanently because they are destroying our land and water, the very source of our livelihoods,” said Mr. Baliram Ram of the Coca-Cola Bhagao, Krishi Bachao Sangharsh Samiti, the main organizer of the protest. Norway Students Launch Campaign Against Coca-ColaOctober 19, 2007The India Resource Center has just completed a speaking tour of 5 universities in Norway – Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Vestfold and Ås. Organized by ATTAC Norway, the speaking tour was very successful, and now we have active and strong campaigns at all these universities. The student parliaments at Bergen and Vestfold have already passed resolutions against doing business with the Coca-Cola company. All universities have a single contract with Coca-Cola Norway that ends in December 2009, and students are mobilizing support to ensure that the contract is not renewed. Let us know if you want to join the campaign.
Criminal Charges Against Coca-Cola Likely in India October 15, 2007
The state government of Kerala has initiated the process of filing criminal charges against the Coca-Cola company for pollution.
In a notice to the Coca-Cola company on Friday, October 12, the Kerala State Pollution Control Board has asked the company to show cause as to why a criminal case should not be filed against it for polluting the environment. The action by the state government comes directly as a result of a longstanding demand of the campaign that the Coca-Cola company must also be held criminally liable for the damages it has caused in the community of Plachimada in India. Campaign Expanding to EuropeHelp us build a strong campaign against Coca-Cola in Europe. We would like to be in dialogue with friends in Europe to see how we can work together to challenge the abuses of Coca-Cola in India. In particular, we are interested in bringing the campaign to some of the company’s larger markets – Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. Contact us if you are interested!Coca-Cola Loses University of Illinois Contract August 6, 2007
The Coca-Cola company has lost its contract with the University of Illinois, giving another boost to the international campaign against Coca-Cola. Students and faculty at the University of Illinois, a prestigious public university with over 40,000 students, have campaigned for over two years to end the 10-year, exclusive “pouring rights” agreement with Coca-Cola because of the company’s unethical practices in India and globally. “This is a tremendous victory for the campus community and sends a strong message to the Coca-Cola company that it must respect human rights and the environment,” said Shivali Tukdeo of the Coalition Against Coke Contracts, a broad coalition of campus and community groups that led the campaign to remove Coca-Cola from campus. Indian Campaign Forces Coca-Cola to Announce Ambitious Water Conservation Project
Campaña India Obliga a Coca Cola a Anunciar un Ambicioso Proyecto de Conservación de Agua 30, 2007The Coca-Cola company has recently announced, to much fanfare, a three-year, US$20 million partnership with the World Wildlife Fund on water conservation. At face value, such an announcement is obviously welcome. After all, who would object to water conservation projects in a world where over 1 billion people still lack access to clean drinking water? But the announcement by Coca-Cola deserves scrutiny – something sorely lacking from the media and even NGO’s – primarily because it is the Coca-Cola company that is announcing water conservation projects. La compañía Coca-Cola con gran fanfarria ha anunciado recientemente una alianza de tres años por valor de US$20 millones con el World Wildlife Fund (Fondo Mundial para la Vida Silvestre) para conservación del agua. A simple vista, obviamente tal anuncio sería bienvenido. Después de todo, ¿quién se opondría a un proyecto de conservación de agua en un mundo donde más de 1 billón de personas todavía carece de agua potable? Sin embargo, el anuncio de Coca Cola merece ser escrutado a fondo – algo que los medios no hacen, ni siquiera las ONGs – principalmente porque es nada menos que la compañía Coca Cola la que anuncia estos proyectos de conservación de agua. Factsheet on Coca-Cola in English
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